NCC Camp
Monday, June 8, 2009
Hi everyone, this time I shall not be doing any blog prompts but I will talk about my NCC camp.
Overall the camp was really tough but I was glad I managed not to report sick or book out. Although I did not get promoted, I don't regret a bit not to have reported sick.
During the first day, the first thing was falling in in part level, we had a rude shock when our training team came and started yelling their head off as us, reason being we left out our platoon mates. Next was Muster Parade and I was allocated into Section6, my section mates were Gerald Fan (Part A), Wei Zhi (Part A), You Peng (Part A), Jeffery ( Part B), Chok Hon ( Part B), Keith (Part B), Norman (Part B), Jian Sheng (Part C), Ting Kai (Part C) and lastly, Zhe Wei ( Part C). We had a bag check followed by a mini amazing race. We started off with negative 3000 points, we had to get points from activities so as to decrease the amount of push ups we had to do as the more the negatives, the more push up we will have to do. The amazing race was serious tough and 1 of my senior reported sick.
Next was temperature taking, we took our temperature and I was asked to change to half U cause my temp was too high(37.8). After drinking water, my temp subside and I went on ahead with lunch, instant noodles!=.=
Later, we had route march, the terrain was quite tough as our starting point was Mc Ritchie Reservoir, we spent 4 and a 1/2 hour walking the whole thing. In the end, as the NCOs wanted to safeguard our dinner, we did not walk back to school, we took a bus back when we were about 4km away. The estimated dist we covered was 18km. We cheered along the way and that activity was also when my abrasion developed.
It was our dinner next. Bunk check came closely after. Seniors kept emphasising that we had to be serious during bunk cleaning but I don't understand at that point in time and didn't care too much. I also didn't put much effort in it. Later, that was the time I truly regretted.
The first thing NCOs did when they came in was to sweep off all the things from above a shelf. Following that, we had other mistakes and punnishments too. Push ups, Push ups and Push ups. I was dead beat after the first one, NCOs gave us chance and gave ups another 8 mins to clean. Once bitten twice shy, I put all my effort in cleaning this time. However, as the health and hygiene of us could not be compromise, they were extremely strict with the condition with the place we are sleeping, again, we had to knock it down many times.
After the dreadful activity, we had another muster parade and then supper. Next up was what all our seniors were longing for... War Games! In this war game, there were two parts, but I shall only elaborate on the 2nd part as it lasted longer and was much more exciting than the first one. We had to pull out each other's socks out which was tied to their arm, the last one standing would be the winner. Which means, everyone is your enemy. Unfortunately, the Part Cs hatched a plot to gang the part A, I manage to have a unwritten 'contract' with one of my part mate, Javier. We plan to hum together in one corner of the field and as it was dark, nobody spotted us.
We started feeling bored after a moment and decide that I lure a guy here so that we can gang them together.
Feeling proud of the plan we have came out with, I ran to where the commotion was and shouted." Hey, Part A here, come get me!" Unfortunately, I lured not 1. not 2. not 3. not 4. but 5 part Cs! I ran for my Life(actually sock) and 3 gave up chase. However, the remaining 2 were too strong for us and I was killed.The killer was my section mate, Zhe Wei. ==''
Next was a debrief by training team and we went zzzzz.
The following day, we had muster parade, followed by breakfast. We then had an activity by the name of 'Orienteering' which was really, really, really tough and tiring. We had to run to the botanical gardens from HCI and complete numerous stations. We cheered each other on along the way to keep up each and everyone's morale up. We completed all the stations need but the NCOs were clever enough to set up a 5th station with difficult chinese words. The pronounciation of the words will lead us to the meaning, which turn out to be, "Fall in back at HCI's concourse" =.=, the last station was redaundant in other words but just to waste our time and decrease our morale as we did not know we had a 5th station.
Later was muster parade again and lunch. Following closely was another briefing for amzing race. One meant to be fun. Our first station was " The first hub of Singapore." We guessed that it was the HDB hub and used 5 points of confirm. As the hub was at Toa Payoh, we took the MRT there. We had to choose between 'action' and 'brain'. 'action' basically requires us to do excercises or anything that requires us to use our limbs and 'brain' requires us to do some excercises like puzzles etc. We chose to do action as it was faster and turn out we had to do 10 push ups and 20 jumping jacks. That was quite challenging as the public were all around and looking at us.
Our next Station was " the nearest mall to malaysia". Causeway Point of course. We went to woodlands station and we were required to sing a chorous of a song. We chose to sing the hwachong School song and there the whole lot went, " la~~~~" The third station was Plaza Singapura and were required to find a pretty girl to sing us a birthday song. After much 'pushing th task around' the part Cs decided to take up the job. and we did it. :)
The last station was " Fountain of wealth" which refers to suntec city but not the actual attraction itself. We were required to take a photo of a gal wearing FBT, fortuanately, we were able to met a HCJC gal wearing FBT by coincidence! From there, were went to Tower 3 and we were the 2nd group to complete. As such, we were rewarded $107 for us to shop for BBQ food.
As there were only 7 people in our section(Many booked out), we overdone it and could not finish up the food, next was bunk check, and again. it was hell.
After that was Solonite briefing, the Part C seniors told us that if we hallucinate and are really afraid, we will shout " KNOCK IT DOWN!" (something like telling the ghost to stop disturbing you) and the petrols will come to you, other than that, it can also be used when you need the toilet urgently. The solonite will alst for 3hrs and not a minute are you allowed to sleep. But I slept as I was just too tired. I had a dream when I slept, I dreamt that I was doing drills at the same place where I was for solonite with my section, for some reason, I woke up just 1/2 hour b4 the solonite ends, I woke up and I lost track of the time. I was scared as I was wondering where everyone were as we were doing drills a minute ago. It was like...I couldn't differentiate reality and the dream I had. I thought that I was the only one left as like I said, I lost track of the time and thought that I slept for a long time. In a desperate attempt to test the precense of people around me, I shouted the 3 magic words. But no response followed. I was freaked out at that point of time , I really thought I was the only one left around. I went to the forth floor and saw my friend, that sure assured me. I went back to my spot, not knowing when it will end, I started doing push ups to keep myself awake...
The next day, I was asked to fall in earlier than others with a group of other people. Turns out we were caught sleeping and we were punished to run 2.4km. After the run, we continue our sleep till 9 O'clock. During that time, my friend, Gerald in an attempt to open a window used too much force and broke it, in result, he injured his hand and was sent to NUH for stiches... out at the last sec, but good for him, he was promoted!
Next was PT, breakfast and POP(Passing Out Parade) 4 people were promoted and the camp offically ended from there. There was a debrief by my training team and I had another one from my senior. I decided from then on to be serious during trainings as that was the true meaning of NCC. I will take initiative like my seniors and prepare for the next camp, I will be a senior by that time and I shall help my juniors like how my seniors did...
After that, I continued my way to home sweet home...

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