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Monday, February 9, 2009
Dear Primary school students,
All of you should know the reason for my presence in front of all of you, on the stage. Alright, sit up straight and listen up. Today, I am going to give a speech on environmental issues in Singapore. Research and observation has shown that primary school students nowadays have a nonchalant attitude towards environmental issues in Singapore. However, if this continues, its not going to do any of us here good. Compare Malaysia to Singapore, what difference do you see between the cleanliness of the environment of the two countries?
The difference cannot be expressed by mere words. Hence I hope this that we shall keep this up, in fact, improve on the current conditions and not let Singapore slip back to the past when the Singapore River was often described as sewers. When that day come, you might think that someone smuggled you to Malaysia! (3Seconds pause for Audiences to laugh. lollollol) Hence I hope everyone can do their part as a Singapore Citizen and start now.
Every teeny weeny bit of litter must land in the dustbin. Spitting is prohibited in the public too. Do not leave food, paper plates or wrappers at the wrong places. Adding on, isn't it cruel to take someone away from his home, using it and not bringing it home? Don't you think that is extremely cruel? Hence, I strongly encourage all of you that are present to bring all your used materials back to their greeney home; the dustbin, that is where they belong. It is not only the cleaner's job to bring those rubbish back to their home, YOU play a part to. Start influencing those who had not had the right values instilled and it will be mission impossible for Singapore to revert back to its 1980s.=D
Do not wait, start right now
. Garbage's home. Their bungalow.

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