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Saturday, March 7, 2009
Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, today I shall be sharing with all of you present about gender equality. Don't be mistaken my girlfriend forced me to do this. (Pause for 3sec for audience to laugh,lollollol) In the past, back then in 1950s, the society has recognized women are weaklings as their physical strength is lesser than that of men, hence, women were often deprived of wonderful opportunities like going to school, going to work, all they can do when they grow up is bear children for man and be a good maid.

However, it is extremely unfair to assume that because women has lesser physical strength than us, it means that they are weaker.Though scientist has found out that the brain of females are not as well-adapted in Mathematics as men brain, women are more rational on the other hand. They do things coolly unlike most men who are rash. Hence, I conclude from this part of my speech that woman is not at all inferior to man. Most woman are also more gentle with things, that's why they are the perfect gender candidate to do housework! Doing housework at home and whipping up dishes doesn't mean that you are not capable,however, it shows the patient and meticulous side of you. That can also be included in capability.
Woman also tends to be more sociable(though some are shy and introvert)for they often know what the other person wants and can talk to that person on the same level. However for men, their level of comprehension(sad to say :'( SOBS) are weaker than women.
Furthermore, women are also more sharp capable in detecting things. For example: Have you ever return home and your wife suddenly say, " Whose lipstick is that on your collar?!" OR "Oh...I see, YOU WENT DRINKING TODAY! !@#$%^&" OR EVEN"Darling, your hair is ruffled, your tie is crooked, your attire is creased and you reek of sweat,I went for sports today right???!!!" and start pulling your ears.(pause for 10sec for audiences to laugh lollollollollollollollollollol) I assume that from all those examples I have given do prove that women are indeed sharper than man and are also equal to man in terms their capability, right? So I hope that from now on, both female and male will be respected by the society equally from now on.
Thank you for your attention, that's all and goodbye!

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