Straits time:Student from Harrison School Admits mistakes. " I didn't know the matter would blow till so big."
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
" I didn't know the matter would blow up till so big" that was the first words Phillip Malloy said when the press conference questioned him after he had admitted that all he said were lies. " I was nursing a grudge against her( Miss Narwin) and I really regret doing what I have done, sorry my public supporters. It's all my fault." These few sentence shocked the entire public when the press conference was held yesterday(22/2/09 7.20pm Florida time) A tearful Phillip then apologized to the school and Miss Narwin.When asked why he was nursing a grudge against Miss Margaret Narwin, he mentioned about not being able to enter the track team for he was given a fail grade. Throughout the whole conference, Miss Narwin was smiling at all times and was even nodding occasionally. When asked about her behavior, the literature teacher then replied"I am so proud of Phillip this boy, I am glad he is repentant." Phillip Malloy was praised for his bravery to own up and he wished to renter the school, he even had no complaints for Miss Narwin to be his teacher. Dr Doanne, proudly welcome Phillip back to Harrison after the press conference had ended, which lasted 2hours approximately. The whole conference was nothing but the truth.-Jane Chan

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