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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ever experience the problem of not being able to see the words on the board clearly, unable to hear or understand what the speaker is talking about? These problems, I believe, are being experienced by many people in many occasions. It can be seminar talks, lessons in class, morning assemblies or even a discussion during a meeting. This problems are always visible. However, with the help of Ultrabolter's( a company) latest invention, Classicclasshelper2000, those problems in classroom shall be eliminated.
Basically, the device is a 12 inches portable touch screen in the shape of a rectangle, the rectangle can be a miniature version of a whiteboard or a notebook at the same time. Accompanied with a set of headphones, the device proves to be a trusty helper.
Teachers can write with a 2 inches stylus on the Classicclasshelper2000 what they want to show the pupils. Almost automatically, the handwriting of the teacher will be transformed as accurately as possible to "Ariel" font, size 12 and be displayed on the screens of the students' Classicclasshelper 2000 via bluetooth or wireless internet.
Every set of the Classicclasshelper2000 is also accompanied with a microphone, such that teachers need not project their voice for every student to hear, student may also communicate with other students but what they say can be heard by the teacher. In this way, students that are sitting at the back can hear what the teacher is saying clearly and will no longer have the problem of not being able to see what the teacher is writing clearly.
What the teachers write on the device can also be saved by the students as notes in the future. That way, content of notes shall be as accurate as possible and need not be referred to merely depending on memory.
Teacher may also give instuctions on the device about classwork, and at the same time, monitor what the students are doing on their devices.
The Classicclasshelper has been approved by the Ministry of Education and is now selling at a discounted rate for CNY offer. What are you waiting for? Hurry and get one for yourself, while stock last!

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