16 Year Old Jamie Pang goes missing.
Friday, May 29, 2009
Often Described as a cheerful and lively boy, Jamie Pang, 16, from Alabomore West High School went missing a few months after joining a social networking site, Bookface. When his account was tracked, it was reported that the teenager had a few friends aging from 14-19. They chat to one another daily without fail. A message asking Jamie to go out with them was sent by a user, Smilie911 just 3 days before Jamie goes missing. Experts inferred that the few users that were in contact with Jamie might have been hatching a plot together to abduct him. Meanwhile, his family and the police are cooperating to solve the case. Mr Gu, Dean of Cyber Welfare advices youth not to spent too much time on social networks other than project works. He also warn youth not to make friends with strangers on net as they an be dangerous.

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