Term 2 Week 4 Blog Prompt.
Thursday, April 30, 2009
Today is the 2nd day after my operation. The doctor said that I had recovered fully except for my vision. Even as I am blogging now, it's my personal helper who is helping me to type. Life is hard, life is different. Every now and then, I panic, panic at the thought that I might never get to see again. Even eating is a problem, I have to be fed.I fear to walk, I fear to move. I am afraid of getting injured. Now, I only want to blog and sleep. I don't dare to live.I long to see my surroundings, long to see my parents' face. If they had aged or if they had more white hairs than before. I long to see...Wonder if the world is the same as before. And I am posting now, I hope to be able to read them...one day.
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