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Sunday, May 31, 2009

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"Teenagers should not be allowed to play online games." I disagree with that. Yes, research have actually shown that computer games bring harm to teens and cause addiction. However, I feel that as long as the amount of time taken each time teenagers play is controlled, that is okay. I feel that teens should be exposed to this kind of games as they can stimulate thinking. I also think that they should only be allowed to play after they have completed their tasks. Popular games nowadays like " Hit the Piggy!", " Maplestory"and " Defend of the Ancients" are all very addicting. Hence, parents should monitor the usage whenever the teens play with the game. Parents should also be forceful and never let the teen get their way, this way, gaming sessions can act as an incentive for the teens so they will always complete their work in order to play.
The games will also serve a positive purpose, for the child to relax, destress and have fun.

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