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Saturday, January 17, 2009
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Today, I will be giving a speech on the reasons you should hire older workers.
Firstly, most older workers are more hardworking than youngsters nowadays. Youngsters cannot stand the hard work and often complains, also, older workers are willing to work for a lower pay.
Many people thinks that the quality of work done by older people cannot be compared to that of done by a younger worker. However, that is definitely not true! Can a random youngster replace me on the stage, giving a speech like this? No! As the Chinese saying goes: The salt older people eat are much more than the rice youngsters eat. Ironically, the saying portrays that older people have much more experience than youngsters and can also make decisions more accurately most of the time.
What I am telling all of you here is is not to discourage you from hiring younger people, but, to encourage you not to reject older people without consideration. Many older people like me are rejected by companies or jobs because those people do not consider us at all!

More and more older people in the society have no jobs, no money and shall live in poverty for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine yourself, not getting a chance to show your abilities, rejected at the sight of your wrinkles, white hair and moles? That is definitely a very cruel thing if it is to happen.
What I am here today, giving a speech to directors and managers of big companies is because of a chance. A chance given to me by the MOH a couple of years ago. If not, who knows, I may still be a penniless, hunched back old geezer who sells ice cream at a neighborhood kindergarten .
Thereby, once again, I remind all of you present to give older people a chance, consider them, help them and help the society.
This concludes my speech. Thank you for your attention.

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