Lamb to the slaughter.
Thursday, January 15, 2009
Blogging's hard, you have to observe lots of rules, especially doing it as an assignment, not even short forms are allowed. Life's hard man. What about blogging about life, that's 2x the hardiness(if there is such a word)!
Enough about complaints, I'm here to update my blog(which I does 2 times a week). Today, I am going to talk about my reflections on a particular Literature text we had read.

The title's called lamb to the slaughter and its written by Roald Dahl. The story is basically about a woman who loved his husband dearly. One day, her husband told her that he was going to divorce her and in fits of anger, the woman(Mary Maloeny) took
out a frozen lamb leg and knock his husband out.( Her husband died) Roald Dahl had made the setting of the story extremely thrilling and throughout the whole story, its full of surprises everywhere. Though the story is not too long, but once you read it, I bet you will not put it down till you finish it.

In my opinion, I think the woman has a sort of mental problem. She was able to compose herself after killing her husband, whom she loved so much and was even daring and scheming enough to fool the detectives. Notice the earlier part of the story, the way she served her husband and the way she replied to her husband's response, I think that the author had made her seem to be mentally unstable to have the story more interesting.
To end it off, I think this story has an excellent setting and plot, leaving a positive impression in my mind.

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