Ace Project (Nothing but the truth)
Sunday, August 9, 2009
Nothing but the truth…[o be considered for ACE]
But is it the whole truth?
A Sequel to the novel, “Nothing but the truth”.
Meanwhile, Philip Malloy had just started to get use to his new school. To Philip, it was a new start, and he intended to make the very best out of it. Although Washington academy had no track and field team, he joined the choir, having been commended on his ability to sing well. However, little did he know something bad is going to befall him… It was just another day; Philip was getting ready to go to school.
[1 May 11:25A.M.]
[Short Conversation between Philip and his Mother]
Mrs. Malloy: Bye Phil, remember, your dad and I will be out for a wedding dinner tonight! Take care!
Philip: Bye Mum!
(Clad in his new uniform, Philip ambled towards his school, he happened to pass the Newspaper Booth)
[1 May 11:30A.M.]
[Conversation between Philip and the Newspaper man]
Newspaper man: Hi Philip, how’re you coping with your life? Your feud with Miss Narwin caused a stir, but I heard you’re facing a new problem…
Philip was stunned when he heard the newspaper man mentioned a new problem. As far as he was concerned, he was coping quite well. Curious, he snatched up one copy and read out aloud.
Philip Malloy: Patriotic boy gets harassed again… What?
A confused Philip was shocked to see the headline of the “News for You” paper, he reads on.
Philip Malloy: Philip Malloy, the patriotic boy who is now in his new school, Washington Academy, however, to everyone’s horror, his old school teacher, Miss Narwin harassed him again. She…
Unable to read on, he ran home in mixed feelings of anger and confusion
[1 May 7:15P.M].
[Phone Conversation between Philip and Allison Dorette]
Allison: May I speak to Philip?
Philip: I’m on the line.
Allison: Philip! Why are you doing this?
Philip: What do you mean?
Allison: You know it yourself! The article…
Philip: Hey! You mean you believed the article? I really don’t know, I didn’t do anything!
Allison: How could it be? But the article said that…
Philip: Allison! Do you believe in me?
Allison: …
Philip: I wouldn’t have committed the same mistake! I will ask my parents when they reach home!
‐Few moments of silence‐
Allison: Philip?
Philip: Hmmm?
Allison: I just want to tell you that I believe in you.
Philip: Thank you.
Allison: Good night.
Philip: Good Night
That night, Philip had an uneasy feeling. Someone was hatching a plot and only he himself knew it. Pondering over the problem, Philip patiently waits for his parents.
[1 May 10.30P.M.]
[Conversation between Philip and his Mum]
Philip: Mum! You’re finally back!
Mrs. Malloy: What happened, my dear? You looked so flustered.
Philip: It’s a long story. Just today, on my way to school, I chanced upon a piece of article which says that Miss Narwin has been harassing me once again! It’s not true and many people must be thinking that’s my problem!
Mrs. Malloy: I was too busy I didn’t read the newspaper today… May I have a look at the article please?
(Reaches out her hands to receive it from Philip)
Philip: Here it is. It’s even on the cover page! Doesn’t the press have better things to do nowadays?
(Hands the newspaper over)
Mrs. Malloy: Mmm… Certainly, something’s odd. Let’s contact Miss Narwin and seek her help. I’m certain the press is up to something again.
[2 May 8.30 A.M.]
Mrs. Malloy: Hello, may I speak to Narwin?
Miss Narwin: She is me.
Mrs. Malloy: Miss Narwin, recently, the newspaper company ,“Dogos” published an article accusing you have harassing Philip! We know that it isn’t true and thus would like to seek your cooperation in resolving the matter.
Miss Narwin: Isn’t Dogos the company that is on the verge of closing down? What’re they up to now? Alright, I’ll go over to your house in a minute. I’ll bring along a reporter to assist in our investigation.
[2 May 8.00A.M.]
Philip: *Yawns* Mom, have you contacted Miss Narwin?
Mrs Malloy: Why, Philip! She’s right here, along with the reporter, Mr Darwin!
Philip: Ah, I see. By the way, Allison offered her help for investigation. She’s coming later.
[2 May 11:00 A.M.]
[ Mass Conversation between Allison, Philip, Mrs. Malloy and Miss Narwin]
Mrs. Malloy: Sorry my husband couldn’t make it today.
Miss Narwin: It’s okay. Everyone, this is Mr. Darwin, a helpful reporter who is here to help. Mr. Darwin, this is Allison, my student, Philips and this is his mother.
Mr. Darwin: Hi all, look. As a professional journalist, I had analyzed the report thoroughly, I think it’s dubious. Usually, there should be pictures if the report makes it to the headline, adding on, there are not much quotes from both Miss Narwin and Philip. The report is made up of mainly general comments and not many details are included. Look, not even the name of the journalists is here, here, it is written that the Dogos Committee was the one who wrote it, a committee is too big, they won’t work on an article altogether.
Philips: So what are you inferring, could it be a mistake they made?
Mr. Darwin: Not likely, they should have cleared the misunderstanding by now.
Miss Narwin: So how do you think we can find out the root of the problem.
Mr. Darwin: It’s not hard, I will have a few friends check that for me, rest assured.
Allison: I am glad I believed in you Philip, you didn’t do it after all.
Philip: Yeah…By the way, what should we do in the meantime?
Miss Narwin: Concentrate on your own studies, if anyone asks you, just tell them the truth. I think I will not go out today, there must be a crowd of reporters outside my house by now.
Mrs Malloy: Dear me! Look at the time now, Philip, Allison, Don’t both of you need to go to school, hurry up!
[3 May 1P.M.]
Mr. Darwin: Alright, based on the report that my friends had given me, I found out that Dogos has been facing financial problems and is on the verge of collapsing. I have also noticed that
Dogos has took several desperate actions in order to regain fame. Hence, I believe that the article regarding Narwin and Philip is nothing but a hoax.
Philip: Mr. Darwin, how do you think we should go about solving the problem then? Should we make a police report?
Mr. Darwin: Ah… That’s what I plan to do. Other than that, I’ll contact someone to write an article about the Dogos’s plan. From there, we can exploit their lies and hopefully, resolve everything.
Philip: Could you perhaps deal with the crowd outside too?
[4 May 1.00P.M.]
Inspector: *Knocks on the door*
Philip: *Opens the door* I’m Philip. You are?
Inspector: I’m inspector Harrison and we have received a report from a man named Mr Darwin, saying that the newspaper company, Dogos, have fabricated tales about Miss Narwin harassing you. Is that true?
Philip: Yeah, come on in and have a seat.
Philip: Mum! Inspector Harrison is here.
Mrs. Malloy: Oh! Hi inspector, how may we help you?
Inspector: I am here to enquire something from Philip, as a third person that is not directly involved in this case, I am sorry but Mrs Malloy, you can’t accompany Philip, we will have to record his statements with Mrs. Margaret Narwin’s to serve as evidence before we can take any action against the Dogos Cooperation.
Mrs. Malloy: Alright, I guess that should be it.
[Recording of statements, Conversation between Inspector and Philip]
[4 May 2:00P.M.]
Inspector: Okay, Philip let’s begin with the swearing ceremony, are you familiar with it?
Philip: Never heard of it.
Inspector: Ok then, repeat after me.
Philip: Repeat after me.
Inspector: You do not have to say that, never mind. Strike up the three fingers of your left hand, that’s right. Here goes, I solemnly swear I will speak all that I know, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
Philip: I solemnly swear I will speak all that I know, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
A few moments of silence
Philip: That’s all?
Inspector: That’s all.
The swearing statements somehow made Philip guilty for the rest of the day, thinking if he had done the right thing the last time…
After a few days…with the help of the media and the police force…the truth come to light. Turn out that Dogos
[7 May 9:00A.M.]
[Phone conversation between Philip and Mr. Dawson]
Philip: Is this Mr. Dawson?
Mr. Dawson: Yes, I am.
Philip: I am Philip and I don’t know how I could ever thank you for all this.
Mr. Dawson: Oh, I was just looking for you, could you give a few comments about the incident.
Philip: I…I don’t know.
Mr. Dawson: Did you mention about thanking me just now? Well, I got an idea.
Philip: What is it? I will do my best to help.
Mr. Dawson: This incident is a lesson for you, that we must always speak of the truth, nothing but the truth, get it?
Philip: I know, but‐
Mr. Dawson: No buts! Do you know that it is every unfair to Mrs Narwin when she is blamed for all that? I hope you can allow me to write about what actually happen, this is really unfair to Miss Narwin…
Philip: Ok then…
Mr. Dawson: Okay, I will come to your house tomorrow at around 10:00A.M., is that okay.
Philip: I guess so…
Mr. Dawson: That’s my boy! Goodbye and good day to you!
Philip realizes how important it was to speak of the truth at all times from then on.
And so, the sequel ends here with two articles that make it to the headline which are nothing but the truth!

This is a sequel to Nothing but the truth, to address some stuffs and to bring the truth to light.
Done by: Lionell Loh and Lim Jing Yu

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