Tips for Students to stay healthy.
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, to keep healthy, there's a couple of stuffs one must take note of. The most straightforward is to avoid contact with sickly people, so that you will not get infected too! Watch what you eat, for they say, " What you eat is what you become" eat more veggies, rice and protein rich food for bodybuilding, yaya, just refer to your food pyramid. :) Thirdly, Exercise. The right way. There are lots of ways to exercise, from the light ones, to the vigorous ones. As long as it's not too dangerous and unhealthy to your body it's alright :) Never try sprinting daily for exercise! For sprinting may spoil your ankle and it isn't very healthy and fats-burning(effective for diet), just exercise regularly for a few weeks, you will be strong enough to resist and fight against sickness! Do not stay on one spot for too long as that does not support blood circulation, like staying in front of the computer for too long a time. Sleep early, sleep long enough. Bath cleanly and then, you are done! Healthy man! Whooo. Cool. Just follow these tips, you shall be healthy. I myself->healthy! Healthy leads to Happy! Happy leads to happy go lucky. As you are healthy, good health will then support growth, you will be tall and muscular. However, we must maintain ourselves in the healthy scope for dropping back will mean an arduous climb up back to 'HEALTHY'. However, it may not be a hard thing to stay healthy, just excercise for the fun off it, like swimming with friends, playing basketball etc. It definitely won't be hard. Eating healthy maybe hard now, take note of what your parents buy for you, advise or suggest to them to buy more healthy but nice food. Cook with organic or olive oil to support healthy eating. One example of a healthy meal is wholegrain rice with salmon and veggies. Well, I think it's not bad, I myself have that for dinner. You can have it too >.<


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