Thoughts about Home Learning
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I feel that home learning and actual learning has its own different pros and cons. For example, home learning is more of a, 'learn yourself' which may prove effective for diligent students. Furthermore, the need to travel from place to place no longer exists, it is traveling from sites to sites. :)Well, traveling can be a tedious matter. Most of the time, my energy was drained from traveling and hence was too tired to continue with my daily work. Computer can be efficient too. However, online learning can be an opportunity to "slack" for no teachers are monitoring. Students can take time to do a work and hence, learning is not that effective.For example, just typing this post, I had switch to a conversation in MSN for 20 plus times and played a mini game for 1 minute. Yeah, that's how it is. Furthermore, Home-learning possess more incentives for students. Gaming of course is one of them. Incentive may results in 2 outcomes, 1, increase sense of urgency, 2. Reduce the quality of work. So, to put it simply, Home Learning can be challenging and effective, but can also be distractive. However, for normal school, the range is smaller, for you can't really talk to much. 1 more thing that I experienced is the confusion caused from the different deadlines, however, I think that can be easily solved. To end it off, I feel that the result from each learning platform differs from character to character. For me, I guess school is more suitable and effective. However, home learning should never be a long term process as socializing is an important skill that needs to be nurtured nowadays.

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