Home-Learning Day 3
Thursday, July 30, 2009
3. Why is it important for students to keep up to date with the news? Share some tips on how students can keep up with what is happening around them and around the world.

It's important for students to be updated of the news so that they will be aware of what is happening around them. To be aware, they can do alot to help, or to make precautions if necessary. Students can also learn more about things around the world and gain insight by having their own reflections about each matter. They can also apply their knowledge or thoughts into projects, assignment or even exams. (GP paper?) They can also learn from articles, the condition of other countries and will grow up in the future to prove useful for Singapore.

Well, to keep updated, it's really easy. In school, during reading period, keep yourself concentrated and read the newspaper, fully utilize your 20 minutes well. Well, don't try to venture into those 'Comic' section or 'Games' section. Read headlines, world, sports and science(Saturday edition). On a non-school day, well, you must still keep yourself updated nevertheless. Spend around 20 minutes flipping through home, 20 minutes through straites time. 10 Minutes through life and the rest. And you are done! Just 50 minutes or even less! Reading newspaper can be tedious for some but entertaining for others. To look at some highlighted news, visit http://www.straitstimes.com/. If you really hate reading newspapers, you can start with a simple, more "reader-friendly" edition, 'Newpaper', well, I started reading it since I was primary 4. Last but not least, you watch the news, the newspaper has a larger coverage on news around the world but watch news on telelvision is more entertaining, its allow deeper understanding to selected news, broadcasters or whatever feel that you should know. Hard to choose between the television and the paper? Choose both then! I choose both everyday(not really =X). You will also feel proud when you share news with your peers that they never had known.

Well that's all. I end off by wish you people good luck for keeping updated.


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