ORD nite
Saturday, July 25, 2009
Well, it's ORD for our NCC NCOs. And I feel kind of sad. Like our training team have kept on saying, it's a long journey, yet short. I still can remember the day I entered HCINCC. I thought it was a joke. To me, I hated all UGs. Including NCC. (It was my 5th choice by the way) I was thinking of appealing to other EP3s then. Talk about EP3s discrimination, yup, that was what I was practicing...
However, from the 4th month onwards, I started to feel how "Zhai" the HCINCC unit was. Our PT, Drills, everything, TOP.
Well, time really flies, remember making jokes on the first day, looking at everyone, thinking that they were losers like me who had nowhere to go. However, how wrong I was! I stared to love my part, my unit, everything about HCINCC.
Okay, enough about the past, let's talk about the 'not so past', ORDNITE! Whoa. It was really fun. As the ORDIC, I felt that I have not done my job well enough. The skit that we were planning to do, presents, quite last minute, resulting in the disappointment the NCOs experienced. Due to time constrain and long participation,I could not get the part to rehearse enough. And for the presents, I was seriously unsure and unable to make decisions well. In the end, on friday itself, both me and Jian Song chiong to buy the presents. Luckily, he had enough money with him. Thanks Jian Song.

The presentation from Part As, Bs, and Cs were all quite well done (cept for Part As). I had real fun with water bombs and enjoyed the montage. From now on, I shall be more serious in my commitment towards HCINCC.

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