Favorite Food- Ji Rice, Chicken Fan
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about my favorite food, CHICKEN RICE! Its succulent rice, and aroma drifting from the chicken pieces, along with the cooling cucumber, appetizing chilli and the hot but fragant soup! How I eat my Chicken rice is special. The steps are as follow:
1.Dip each piece of meat into the chilli.
2.Savour the chicken meat.
3.Reapeat step 1 and 2 till all the meat are finished.
4.As the rice itself is fragant, I prefer to eat it alone, with the chilli, cucumber and soup.
5. Eat the rice with the chilli and cucumber, savour it slowly.
6. Dip some into the soup if you would like it.
7. YUM... Just writing about it makes me slivialate! Off to go for lunch. Guess what I am having? Yeah!

Okay, now, I shall share with you how I fell in love with chicken rice.
My father loved to cook chicken rice for the familily in the past, however, I didn't really like the rice then, it was healthier but not as fragant. As time goes by, my dad likes to buy chicken rice for us for dinner, from different places all the time.
I tasted different standards of chicken rice, some are really bad and the amount is meagre, insufficient. Whereas some are relatively cheap, really fragant and the amount is more than enough. Not clear myself, after eating for a long time, I started to fall in love with chicken rice. I was able to understand the work behind it, the effort put in to cook it. Hence, whenever I was out, if a chicken rice stall managed to catch my eye(Well, it must have long queue and take I will take a look at its display etc), I will definitely grab a bite! Oh yeah! CHICKEN RICE.

How to differentiate good chicken rice (by looking and tasting)

1. Take a look at the chicken rice, is steam coming out? Take note that piping hot chicken rice always taste much better then chicken rice that have gone cold.
2. Smell- The rice is a important factor to chicken rice. Normally, Char Siew rice will use normal rice and no spices will be added. If the rice is good, it will smell really nice! Even to the extent of shining! LOL!
3. Take a look at the meat. Feel it. Well, for this criteria, you will need to buy the food itself. Try and feel the skin of it, nice chicken pieces will have crips when you bite it. KRSSHHH. Take note that chicken pieces with blood embedded inside are definitely substandard.

4.Drink the soup, if they provide it. Stir it, and take a look. If particles are still moving around in the soup, it is quite unhealthy as its apparent that MSG has been added.
5.Chilli. First of all, not too lumpy looking, it must not be too spicy or too blend. Too much seeds are not good. Good chilli are often appetizing.

Well, that's all. There are lots of hawkers in Singapore selling chicken rice, try any of them and give me your comments! THANK YOU.

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